Visiting the Ribarnica Market

display cases at Lolita

Delicious display at Lolita

Back at Lolita for coffee this morning and a meeting with Chef Anze.  He and Cassie are working together on a big dinner at his place, Evergreen Restaurant, next week. Yesterday’s trip through the market with Stane was a lot of fun, and today was even more different, as we were guided by a fellow Chef with similar passions and sensibilities.  The Felina Films crew followed along, documenting the visit for the TV show.  We have been through the market each of the six days we have been here, and see something or somebody new each time.

cassie and chef anze at the ribarnica

Cassie and chef Anze at the ribarnica, LJ market

Today we went down the steps to the Ribarnica (fish market) which is on the lower level of the market and along the river.  Most of the freshwater fish here is from Slovenia and the saltwater creatures mostly come from the Mediterranean or Adriatic Seas.  Cassie and Chef Anze had a great time picking out ingredients to use for next week’s dinner.  The evening will be a fundraiser for Youth House, a local charity that benefits homeless kids.  The menu for the seven-course dinner is coming together nicely!

dining room at evergreen

Dining room at Evergreen

Evergreen Restaurant is part of Kaval Group, led by Dada Jervosek and her husband.  Dada is a dynamic and driven woman who was trained as an architect but “always had the dream of having a restaurant”.  Today her company has seven restaurants, seven coffee shops, and a phenomenal catering businesss.  Chef Anze and Dada have known each other 15 years, with Anze being the Chef at Evergreen for the past three.  Lolita is one of the coffee shops, and a showcase for sexy pastry in a stylish setting. In fact, congratulations are in order for Dada for Lolita recently being “shortlisted for best hospitality interior design award” by the RBDA in London. Most of the pastries are made in the kitchen facilities at Evergreen, and it is incredibly beautiful, delicious stuff.

kitchen at evergreen

Kitchen at Evergreen

This evening we had the privelege of touring several of Kaval’s locations, and each one is unique.  Dada says the small size of the city of LJ prevents her from doing the same thing in more than one place (like chain restaurants in the US), so each place is a little bit different.  Without exception, each place is thoughtful and beautiful, a pleasure to be in.  We are so excited about working with these incredible people in such amazing places, and for a good cause.  Chef Anze is a real gem, and we have enjoyed his company and collaboration very much.  Dada and her team are an inspiration. So much about being here is just that.  We are so blessed and grateful for this experience.

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